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Ed Barrientos
Ed Barrientos has over 10 years of personal training experience. He is one of only 24 worldwide MAT Master Level Specialist. As an RTSm, he provides a unique philosophy and approach to fitness. His rare combination of skills unmatched by few in the industry allow him to prepare the body for exercise, provide personalized exercise analysis, and skillfully guide the client along their fitness process. He has extensive experience with exercise-based rehabilitation, and working with many concurrent and post-rehabilitation clients. His clients have ranged from all ages 5 to 75 years old and of all capabilities from the professional athlete and endurance athletes to the client that has never before stepped into a gym. 

Ed's motto:"Train smarter, not harder"

Ed is new to Colorado originally from Chicago. Ed has completed 4 marathons and multiple other races. He enjoys hiking, camping, cooking and spending time with his dogs.